Blackthorn Focus launches new AIM indices: GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus

Blackthorn Focus is proud to announce the launch of GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus, two new indices of shares listed on the Alternative Investment Market.

Using data supplied by Sharelock Holmes, Blackthorn Focus has established these two new indices to track the performance of AIM's growth companies.

GROWTHfocus is an index of the twenty largest companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market that have grown revenues year-on-year for the last five years.

INCOMEfocus tracks the share price progression of the twenty largest companies on AIM that have increased their dividends in each of the last five years.

"I am delighted with the launch of GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus" said David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus. "The last two years have been an exceptionally difficult time for the UK's smallcap financial markets. Companies have struggled to get their achievements recognised by the investment community, even when they have been demonstrating continued success."

"The Alternative Investment Market is home to some incredibly successful small companies" Mr O'Hara added. "The launch of GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus will help bring these companies to the fore by recognising their progress and achievements."

GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus comprise two diverse groups of companies.

David O'Hara added:

"These indices are not dominated by resources or tech companies. There is a striking mix of companies in GROWTHfocus and INCOMEfocus. Resources are represented by the likes of Gulfsands Petroleum and Energy XXI as are the biotechs such as ABCAM and Immunodiagnostic Systems. However, many of AIM's most consistently successful companies are operating in long-established industries offering a household product. For example, online clothing retailer ASOS and soft drinks manufacturer Nichols. In addition, there is lighting specialist FW Thorpe, stockbroker Numis, high street pawnbroker Albemarle & Bond and the five-a-side football operator GOALS Soccer Centres. None of these companies invented their product or service — they are simply young and outstandingly successful in their business."