ALPHA Investor Forum

Join us on June 27th in Cambridge for the first ALPHA Investor Forum, the educational conference event for the UK's most serious investors. The event includes some of the UK's finest quoted companies. Lunch and coffee breaks are included.

The world class company: ARM Holdings

What makes a fantastic company worthy of investment? ARM Holdings know. A designer of world leading microprocessors, ARM is arguably the UK's most successful listed company. Come and hear from ARM at ALPHA Investor Forum on June 27th. Learn what it is about their business that has made them so successful and how the company is positioned for technological advances. This is a rare opportunity for private investors to meet a bona fide world class company.

The dividend investor to rule them all: Terry Harper

Terry Harper is among the UK's foremost dividend investors and will be familiar to the readers of The Motley Fool discussion forums as poster tjh290633. Over the 25 years from 1987 his portfolio smashed the FTSE 100 by more than 50%. For the first time, investors in the UK can hear direct from this dividend investing superstar at the ALPHA Investor Forum, where Terry will detail how he has consistently beaten the major indices by huge margins. Terry will also reveal the share portfolio he currently runs.

Fast-growing tech gem: Quartix

Quartix is one of the most successful technology IPOs of the last ten years. The shares have more than doubled since flotation in 2014. The company is increasing dividends to shareholders and is enjoying strong growth. Richard Beddard, one of the UK's top stock market journalists is a big fan — describing Quartix as 'a lovely company'. Founding Director and current boss Andy Walters will be presenting Quartix' case at ALPHA Investor Forum.

King company acquirer: Jonathan Lander

Jonathan Lander is CEO at Volvere, one of the UK stock market's few industrial holding companies. A formally qualified financial analyst, Mr Lander identifies distressed companies before acquiring them under the Volvere parent company. Volvere's most recently completed investment saw the £8m disposal in December of JMP Consultants. This business was acquired by Volvere for £0.4m in May 2013. Since Volvere's inception in 2002, net assets per share have increased at an average of 15% a year compound. Jonathan has a comprehensive track record of identifying companies that can be turned around for multibag gains. Learn just how he analyses acquisition targets at ALPHA Investor Forum.

Two strategies that are thrashing the market: David O'Hara

David O'Hara, Founder of Blackthorn Focus and Editor of AIM Prospector, will be speaking publicly for the first time in six years at ALPHA Investor Forum. Mr O'Hara played an instrumental role in getting AIM shares permitted in ISAs. He is a successful private investor and in 2011 went on to turn a £4.6k investment into £25k in the following two years. David will be detailing two AIM investment strategies that have delivered huge outperformance of both AIM and the FTSE 250. Each strategy is easy to understand and is configured to select investment grade stocks.

The equity research expert: Rob Mundy

Robert Mundy, is Chief Executive at Research Tree, the "Netflix for equity research". He will be advising attendees on how share prices are influenced by the equity research industry and how they can access and utilise professionally produced equity research to inform their portfolio management decisions.