ALPHA Investor Forum, June 26th, 2018

ALPHA Investor Forum will run at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge on June 26th. This fast-growing investor event features some of the most successful UK companies and most acclaimed investing experts. The event is optimised for the UK's most dedicated stock market investors and enjoys a comprehensive track record of showcasing successful investments.

Companies that presented at the June 2016 event have since delivered returns averaging +67%.

The super investor: Norman Rentrop

How do the super rich invest? Norman Rentrop is one of Europe's most acclaimed investors and is a personal contact of many of the world's most celebrated stock market figures. Herr Rentrop's organisation employs 600 people across seven countries. He personally owns 8% of £200m AIM-quoted Mincon Group and is previously owner of 14% of the equity in Borussia Dortmund FC. Herr Rentrop is a Buffett-style investor and is a regular attendee at the Berkshire Hathaway AGM in Nebraska. He will be discussing his investment strategy and what has characterised his biggest investment successes and disappointments. photo: idea/Germany

Event chair: Viviane Joynes, EQS Group

Managing Director of Digital Investor Relations business EQS Group's UK operations, Viviane Joynes will Chair ALPHA Investor Forum. Viviane has extensive experience of advising UK and European companies on their IR, corporate governance and compliance practices. Prior to joining EQS her roles included heading up the IR Services at Capita Asset Services (now Link Asset Services) and being Managing Partner of a corporate governance and communications consultancy.

High-tech manufacturer: Gooch & Housego plc

Gooch & Housego is one of the UK's most successful high-tech manufacturers. Its products are used in microelectronic manufacture, cell imaging microscopy and defence. In the last five years, company sales have increased year-on-year at an average rate of +13% per annum. Dividends in that time have increased by an average of +14.4% a year. Gooch & Housego will be represented at ALPHA Investor Forum by FD Andy Boteler.

THE foremost AIM fund manager: Richard Power

Richard Power is Head of Small Caps with Octopus Investments and is regarded as the most significant fund manager operating in the AIM market today. Richard is Lead Manager of the Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Fund. Blackthorn Focus understands that Octopus manages more funds as part of IHT portfolios than any other institution. Octopus is frequently the largest institutional shareholder among AIM-quoted companies, such as Gooch & Housego, where the firm manages a 16% stake. In addition to their investments in smaller quoted companies, Octopus is a frequent pre-IPO investor. Mr Power will be discussing his largest shareholdings, highlighting some of the most impressive companies on AIM and demonstrating how he identifies exciting growth companies.

Fast emerging AIM star: Learning Technologies Group

With a market capitalisation of £480m, elearning company Learning Technologies Group has grown into AIM midcap status. The most recent results from the company showed a 68% increase in revenues, a 41% increase in adjusted EBIT and a 29% dividend hike. With its last trading statement the company confirmed a move to a net cash position. Learning Technologies Group was put together in its current form by CEO Jonathan Satchell and Chairman Andrew Brode. Mr Brode is regarded as one of the most accomplished business people in the UK markets, following his success with RWS. 18% shareholder, Mr Satchell, will be representing the company at ALPHA Investor Forum.

The FTSE 250 co-Founder, Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson is Chief Executive and co-Founder at FTSE 250 REIT Big Yellow Group. Today, the shares trade at an all-time high, equating to a market capitalisation of £1.4bn. The company is one of the UK market's most reliable profit making companies. In the last five years, earnings at the company have increased by an average of 10.9% per annum. In that time, dividends per share have increased year-on-year, at an average rate of +22.5% per annum. Jim will be explaining what makes Big Yellow Group such a dependable investment.

AIM value share: NAHL

Specialist legal services firm NAHL Group first came to AIM in May 2014. The company has delivered dividends and profits in every year since. CEO Russell Atkinson, will be joining us at ALPHA Investor Forum to explain the changing environment that NAHL operates in. According to consensus forecasts, the shares currently trade on a P/E of 7.6, with a forecast yield of 6.7%.

Understanding a pre-IPO investment

Rodney Appiah is Senior Investment Manager with Foresight Group, a leading private equity investment manager. Rodney will be addressing how to identify quality companies, capable of producing a strong investment returns and what motivates pre-IPO investors to sell to the market.

Beating the market with AIM: David O'Hara

David O'Hara is Publisher of AIM Prospector, the online magazine dedicated to AIM companies. The AIM portfolios 10 best companies on AIM and Up-and-coming AIM companies that he first presented at 2016's ALPHA Investor Forum have since produced returns of +60%, +128%. The FTSE 100 in that time is just 18% ahead. The midcap Top Pick that Mr O'Hara presented at the June 2017 ALPHA Investor Forum is (as at March 22nd) trading 22% higher. David will be presenting new additions to the AIM portfolios and his favourite market opportunities.

This programme may change. Blackthorn Focus reserves the right to alter or vary the programme of an event without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets.

Terms: delegates will receive 95% refund if cancelled more than one month prior to the event. 50% if cancellation is received between one calendar month and two weeks ahead of the event and zero thereafter.