AIM Investor Focus 2013

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AIM Investor Focus 2013 is a one-day corporate access event, comprising a series of presentations from AIM-listed companies.

AIM Investor Focus 2013 took place on April 17th at the offices of finnCap, the No. 1 Nominated Adviser and Broker to AIM companies.

The following companies presented at AIM Investor Focus 2013:

Judges Scientific
Judges Scientific is a holding company behind a group of scientific instrument companies. The group was put together following a series of takeovers led by its CEO, David Cicurel.

Judges has increased sales and profits every year for the last seven years. Judges paid out 3p of dividends for 2006. Last week, the company announced that it would be paying a total of 15p in dividends for the year 2012.

On current trading, the company’s Chairman, Alex Hambro, reported that 2013 “... has started well for the Group and a solid order intake is buttressing the visibility afforded by the satisfactory year-end backlog.”

Profits and dividends are forecast to increase this year and the next. Judges shares trade on an average 2014 P/E of 14.6. That’s still a discount to larger listed peers such as Renishaw.

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Mattioli Woods
Pensions and investment specialist Mattioli Woods has grown up fast. Five years ago, turnover was £9.0m for the year, earnings per share (EPS) was 12.8p and there was a 2.55p dividend. Fast-forward to 2012 and the company made sales of £20.5m, EPS of 18.2p and paid a dividend of 5.55p.

Growth is forecast to continue with EPS for 2013 hitting 22.5p and the dividend reaching 6.5p per share.

Mattioli Woods is a similar company to its larger peer, Brooks Macdonald. Both operate in a similar niche and have grown fast. Although shares in Mattioli Woods are already up 30% in 2013, they remain significantly cheaper than Brooks.

According to market forecasts, Mattioli Woods is trading on just 12.6 times consensus forecasts for 2013, falling to 11.2 times the expected number for the year after.

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Portmeirion Group
Portmeirion joined the market in 1988. Since then, the tableware manufacturer has been paying dividends every year and has never cut. In the last five years, the payout has increased at an average annual rate of 7.0% per annum. Earnings growth in that time has been even higher, coming in at 17.0%.

Portmeirion successfully leverages its premium ceramic brands worldwide. In 2012, the USA accounted for 36% of revenues. South Korea is Portmeirion’s third largest market, delivering 22% of group sales. The company also reported encouraging progress into the Indian market.

Growth at Portmeirion is expected to continue in 2013. The company is forecast to report earnings of 50.0p for 2013. That puts the shares on a forward P/E of just 12.0.

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RWS Holdings
RWS is a specialist company providing technical and financial translation services to the patent industry. RWS has exploited its niche, delivering huge returns to shareholders.

Since joining AIM in 2003, the company has been increasing revenues, profits and dividends year-in, year-out.

In the last five years, sales at RWS have increased by an average of 8.3% a year. In that time, EPS has been increasing at an average of 10.5% per annum and dividends by an average of 15.1% a year. Analysts expect that growth at RWS will continue, putting the shares on a 2014 P/E of 16.7, with a forecast dividend yield of 3.4%.

RWS’ Executive Chairman, Andrew Brode, directly owns 5.4% of the shares. The Brode Life Interest Trust owns another 37.2% of RWS. Mr Brode will be presenting at AIM Investor Focus on April 17th.

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Formerly White Young Green, WYG is a global management and technical consultancy. In 2012, the company placed its loss-making Irish subisidiary into liquidation. This action proved to be the catalyst for significant share price appreciation. Shares in WYG are up 50% in the last six months.

WYG is now focussed on creating high quality, sustainable revenue growth from its robust financial base. The company reported unrestricted cash balances of £12.7m at the half-year stage. At the end of September, 56% of the company’s order book was earmarked for projects outside the UK.

A recent trading statement from the company confirmed that profitability at WYG was significantly ahead of expectations. Analysts now expect WYG to return to pre-tax profit for the full year. WYG has been recovering faster than previously anticipated.